Setting up the commissioning app:

In order to have your laptop ready to commission a hub there are a few steps you need to carry out.

  1. Plug in the commissioning cable to your laptop.
  2. Plug the three pin end into the base unit of the hub.
  3. Open your personal keepass and double click the password field for your company keepass 
  4. Click file > open recent at the top menu of keepass and choose your company keepass.
  5. Press CTRL + V to paste your company keepass password and press enter
  6. Now open the commissioning app in the utilities folder.
  7. When the commissioning app opens click on your certificate. It should look like your email address.
  8. Now go back to your organisations keepass and double click the password field next to your name.
  9. Next press CTRL + V into the password field of the commissioning app
  10. Now the commissioning app will be ready to connect to a hub. Click on connect.
*TIP* You dont need to close the commissioning app every time you have finished commissioning a Hub. But remember, if you move to another property which is on a different network, you will have to load the correct configuration file

Loading the configuration file:

All files are transferred to your company through dropbox. You will find these in a folder called site configurations.

  1. In the commissioning app, click on load config.
  2. Next using the dropdown above choose dropbox.
  3. Now navigate to the site where you are commissiong the hub and choose the right config file for the network.
  4. Then click open.
  5. Now you should be able to run the configuration file to connect the hub to the network and set up the account in principal.