• A laptop with administrator rights. If you’re unsure whether this is the case, please ask your systems administrator. NOTE: This laptop does require internet access before a visit to site so that all the latest information that is shared from Guru has been updated on Dropbox.
  • A Guru commissioning cable (available from Guru Systems)
  • A valid. p12 security certificate (available from Guru Systems)
  • The latest commissioning app from Guru, this is normally shared by some form of documentation repository or Dropbox link.
  • The latest FTDI driver for use with the Guru commissioning cable. 
  • The correct configuration file for the gateway you are commissioning the hubs to. This will be a .json file that can be edited with a standard text editor like notepad or notepad++


  1. Download the latest version of Dropbox to your machine.

  2. Install the software

  3. Once finished create a free account at

  4. Sign in to the application with your Dropbox email.

  5. This will then create the Dropbox folders on your machine.

  6. Send your email address to to request Dropbox access to your organisations commissioning folders.


  1. Download the latest version of Keepass to your machine. You will want the latest Windows Installer Version.

  2. Install the software

  3. Once installed open the software

  4. Click on new database.

  5. Create a database called personal and save it in one of your Dropbox folders (not the organisational one)

  6. Set a secure password, this will be the only password you need to remember for access to your organisational keepass file provided by Guru.

  7. Now email and include your mobile phone number in the email so that we can send you the secure password to access the organisational keepass file.

  8. With your personal keepass file open, create a new entry in the general folder on the left hand side. To do this make sure general is highlighted, then right click in the right hand window and create new entry.

  9. In the password field, put the password supplied to you by Guru for your organisations keepass file.

  10. Then click the save icon at the top of the window. 

  11. This will synchronise to Dropbox.

  12. Now navigate to the Dropbox folder shared with you by Guru Systems (Dropbox/(COMPANY NAME)/Keepass) and have this to click on the file in there.

  13. Now double click the password field in your personal Dropbox, (you will see a green bar counting down in the bottom right hand corner, this is how long the password stays in your clipboard, after this time it clears itself).

  14. Then go to the window you left open with the organisations keepass in it, and double click this, keepass will then ask you for the password. Now press CTRL + C to paste the password. 

  15. You will now see all relevant information in the keepass file for your organisation.


  1. Download the offline version of Java on your machine from here

  2. Install the version and allow through the firewall if the notice pops up.

Commissioning cable drivers.
  1. Double click the file in the Dropbox folder Dropbox\COMPANY NAME\Commissioning App\Drivers.
  2. This will install the correct drivers for the commissioning cable.

Commissioning App.

(This app does not get fully installed to your computer it is a run once application, but below are the steps for obtaining your commissioning certificate and logging in)

  1. Open your organisations keepass.

  2. Go to the folder on the right called commissioning certificates.

  3. Find your name and then double click it. 

  4. On the advanced tab, in the bottom window, click the .p12 file and then save to your documents folder.

  5. Now go to the folder in Dropbox. Dropbox\COMPANY NAME\Commissioning App and double click the commissioning app file.

  6. This will display the application, click on “load new certificate”, and you should see a new window open, here you will see the certificate you saved earlier. Click this then click open.

  7. Now in Keepass, double click the password field next to your name and paste this into the password field in the commission app. Then click OK. You should now see, Not connected, certificate loaded.