Quick Fault Diagnosis sheet.






Invalid certificate error on commissioning app

a.                   Reload the commissioning app and your certificate.

b.                   Ensure your certificate is in date, if not please contact Guru for a new certificate.

a.                   Engineer

b.                   Engineer to check, then Guru to supply


Cannot see mbus meter on commissioning app

a.                   Check the meter is approved by Guru

b.                   Check cabling between meter and Guru Hub.

c.                   Check the meter has been wired into the correct terminals on the hub

d.                   Is the correct baud rate set for the meter type

e.                   Check the voltage across the mbus terminals, this should be 36 V

f.                    Replace the top unit then return the faulty one to Guru*

g.                   Replace the base unit then return the faulty unit to Guru*

a.                   Engineer

b.                   Engineer

c.                   Engineer

d.                   Engineer

e.                   Engineer

f.                    Engineer / Guru

g.                   Engineer / Guru


Can see many meters on the commissioning app

a.                   Ensure the mbus cable is not connected to the site wide mbus network if present

b.                   Make sure the mbus meter is connected to the correct terminals on the hub base unit. 

Hub I - Terminals 3 & 4

Hub II - Terminals 1 & 2

a.                   Engineer

b.                   Engineer


Can see the meter on the commissioning app but the right values are not showing

a.                   Has the meter been configured with the right mbus flags? Check with supplier

b.                   Is the meter approved by Guru?

a.                   Engineer

b.                   Engineer


The mbus address has <> either side of its number

a.                   If there are multiple meters on the hub, both mbus meters need to be on their own mbus address. This means there is a conflict in addresses

a.                   Engineer


Cannot connect hub to network

a.                   Make sure there are other hubs or the gateway is visible to the hub you are trying to commission.

b.                   Use a magic cable and take the hub to the gateway to commission it to the network

c.                   If it is Hub II then it can take up to 3 minutes to join the hub and connect to the network. Click the refresh button on the Hub page and when it takes longer than normal to refresh the data, then click on the setup tab, then disconnect and reconnect. 

d.                   If a hub II has been connected to a different network before, then its association to the previous gateway has to be removed. Please return the hub back to Guru for a reflash.

e.                   Is the antenna connected to the gateway securely. Make sure this is tight upon installation.

f.                    Please make sure that the gateways time has not defaulted back to 1970. Please have your senior engineer change the time.

a.                   Engineer

b.                   Engineer

c.                   Engineer

d.                   Engineer/Guru

e.                   Engineer


Screen is not powering on

a.                   Is the ribbon cable connected correctly?

b.                   Swap the ribbon cable

c.                   Check there is power to the base unit.

d.                   Make sure all isolation switches are switched on.

e.                   Replace top unit and return to Guru*

a.                   Engineer

b.                   Engineer

c.                   Engineer

d.                   Engineer / Guru

e.                   Engineer


Cannot log into the hub

a.                   The hub might require the converter cable to successfully connect to it. Please try this.

b.                   Is the commissioning cable sound? Please inspect and return for repairs if required.

c.                   Is your certificate in date and valid? If not please request a new one.

d.                   Please restart your laptop and relaunch the commissioning app. Once you have reloaded your certificate, please try logging in again.

a.                   Engineer

b.                   Engineer

c.                   Engineer/Guru

d.                   Engineer


Valve not operating when relay is tested.

a.                   Is the valve wired correctly and approved by an electrician?

b.                   Is the valve connected to the correct relay

c.                   Is the wiring correct for the valve? Please check manufacturer documentation.

d.                   Is there an audible click when the relay is tested. If not, return to Guru for a replacement.*

e.                   Ensure the ribbon cable is connected properly and not damaged, replace if necessary.

a.                   Engineer / Electrician

b.                   Engineer / Electrician

c.                   Engineer / Electrician

d.                   Engineer/Guru

e.                   Engineer


My config Script keeps failing

a.                   Make sure the script has all the required parenthesis and punctuation present. Sometimes it can be a simple comma that needs to be added to the end of a line. Guru will check this for you but in the first place get in touch with whoever in your company deals with the config scripts.

b.                   Is there a line in the script that is not required? Removing the mbus meter line is normally one thing that is not required.

a.                   Engineer

b.                   Engineer.


I keep getting an error 400, this attribute is not valid.

a.                   This can normally happen when a heat meter is not visible to the hub. Please see line 2 in this sheet.

a.                   Engineer


I keep getting an error 500 when I try to connect

a.                   Please allow  enough time for the hub to boot into its accounts, please wait a little longer before trying to connect.

b.                   This can normally mean there is a software problem with the hub please try a new unit and return the faulty one to Guru*

a.                   Engineer

b.                   Engineer


Cannot set the time on the hub

a.                   Please make sure that the Hub is joined and connected in the zigbee or digimesh tab.

b.                   Please make sure that the gateway has not defaulted back to the year 1970, please have your senior engineer change the time.


*Guru will issue a replacement within two weeks of receiving the faulty unit.